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Software and Components

IP2Location™ offers a variety of ready built software/components/libraries to help you easily integrate the geolocation solution into your platform or framework. For IP2Location components, it doesn't require you to set up any relational database for the usage, as it will lookup the record directly from a IP2Location™ BIN data file. This product will be suitable for you if you are looking for a quick, minimal and locally setup solution.

IP2Location™ Software and Components

.NET Component

IP2Location™ .NET Component is a software development component and data solution for the .NET Framework, that enables you to perform IP location lookup, get to know your website visitors geolocation information accurately.

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Java Component

IP2Location™ Java Component is a software development component and data solution for the Java platform, that enables applications to discover where the IP location of your website visitors is coming from in real-time.

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IP2Location™ ActiveX/COM DLL is extremely easy to use IP location lookup software component in Windows?, that enables developers to determine in real-time, where Web visitors are coming from by IP address.

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HTTP Module

IP2Location™ HTTP Module is an IIS managed module, which enables you to retrieve extensive set of IP address localization data from an IP address.

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